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Your Photoshoot

The type of photoshoot you want depends as much on the purpose as the mood you want to create/convey.




I shoot adult portraits for corporate profiles, for actors, writers, healthy eating bloggers, websites, model portfolios,new online businesses and more.


Adult photoshoots usually take no more than an hour, can be on location or at the studio and prices start from £275 for a weekday shoot. (Full digital gallery, Licence and Commercial usage to be discussed as appropriate).




Bumps, Babies, Kids and Families


Bump and newborn photoshoots start at £175.

Kids'/family photoshoots start at £275 for a weekday shoot and £375 for a weekend shoot.


This price includes  the consultation and 'session fee' plus three digital images from the day. Additional images start from £40.  

A shoot, depending on location, length and any additional pets or family members, should result in between 20-30 images and an online gallery from which to choose.  


A full range of prints, canvases, albums and products can also be provided and discussed in detail or see Packages below.


Lapis - Consultation, session fee plus digital gallery of up to 30 images and your choice of                      Album or Fine Art Print up to 12"x12" - £1200

Topaz Consultation, session fee plus your choice of up to 15 digital images and voucher for                  £50 off future Prints and Frames  - £750  (Most Popular Package)

Jade -  Consultation and session fee plus 7 digital images - £575


AmberSession fee plus 3 digital images - £275 weekday /£375 for weekend/school holidays.


Fine Art Print Displays and bespoke Frames or any additions can be discussed à la carte.

Weddings and Parties


Wedding and Party Packages really need to be discussed on a bespoke basis and most importantly, please contact me to check my diary early on, as I  receive bookings a year in advance.  


The Package you are looking for on the day and the prints or albums you want afterwards are something for you to consider.


To help you with initial planning, indicative prices are:

  • Children's parties - From £450;

  • Weddings - From £1200 (weekdays), £3000 (weekends);  and £4000 (Bank holidays).



Location, Location, Location .......


Your photoshoot can be on location almost anywhere. It can be indoor or outdoor depending on the weather, in the studio, your office or your home.


In the Autumn, a photoshoot amongst the golden leaves in the park, or climbing the trees in the woods for example, can be perfect, and can be very different from a shoot in my studio.


In Spring, we can go out exploring to find the blossom and new flowers in bloom. I also have a garden which works particularly well for younger kids and there are some that love the secret 'Fairy Dell'.


With enough notice we can plan for a shoot almost anywhere. If the season is right we can make your plans around the bluebells for example, or the snow. We can shoot at places of national interest (subject to permissions and licences) or spots closer to home or where you and your family have fond memories.

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